Sustainable Forestry

Stairtek's uncompromising principles extend beyond its doors to the world in general - specifically to the environment.

As a responsible manufacturer of wood products, Stairtek is committed to being "green" - a green company.

That means Stairtek...

  • Is totally committed to sustainable forestry and values this precious resource at every stage from
    new growth to final processing.

  • Stairtek sources our raw materials from carefully managed large tracts of land and timber, to ensure the continued
    availability of the highest quality hardwood for Stairtek's operations for generations to come.

  • Our sources do not participate in complete cuts, but harvests only mature timber, a responsible forest management program
    proven by the fact that Stairtek's partner has been harvesting the same forests since 1858.

Stairtek and our partners have been involved for 150 years in sound environmental practices.
Although they have been way ahead of the curve, they continually strive to improve on their
excellent environmental achievements.