STAIRTEK pre-finished hardwood moldings and treads are guaranteed for 25 years.

Our warranty covers resistance to complete deterioration of the finish down to the wood surface, as well as flaking. It covers all defects attributable to the production process, such as manufacturing defects and classification errors.

STAIRTEK products are guaranteed against premature wear, flaking, premature discoloration or premature yellowing. Because wood is sensitive to light, we recommend that you protect it against strong light and sunlight. Poor protection will result in discoloration of natural yellowing that is not covered by warranty. Please note that, with time, a decline in wood luster is also considered normal and is not covered by warranty.

The 25 year warranty covering STAIRTEK products is applicable only when the product is installed for residential use and according to STAIRTEK installation instructions. Installation guidelines may be found in the installation section of the web site. Failure to comply with installation instructions will result in the warranty becoming null and void.

STAIRTEK is not responsible for any damage or deterioration of the product during shipping or storage, or at the time of installation of the product by a distributor, retailer or installer.

The manufacturer of STAIRTEK treads is responsible for the replacement of the product only.   The manufacturer of STAIRTEK treads is Fini U.V. International.  All warranty claims will be processed through Fini U.V. International via STAIRTEK. 

All warranty claims are to be approved by STAIRTEK.